Better Beauty

For more than twenty years, I have been an advocate for natural personal care and beauty products and practices. When I was a teenager, I used foundation and cover up to mask the pimples on my face and give my skin a flawless look. I always kept my skin care regime super simple, soap and water to wash and maybe a lotion of some kind. When I was in my mid-teens, I contracted mono and did not wear makeup for over a week that I realized it was my makeup that was making me have bad skin. Because within that time I was sick, my pimples just disappeared. It was in that moment of looking in the mirror at my clear face that I began my mission of looking for a better way to beauty.

Mind you, we’re talking mid-eighties when I was a teenager. There was zero guidance from other women in my family, NO INTERNET and the library just was not prepared for the investigatory fire that had been lit under my butt. But, with information pieced together from magazines, a few books about beauty and herbalism and a lot of common sense and intuition I managed to pull together a pretty strong knowledge base.

My mindset and beliefs had been forever changed.

In my mid-twenties, I began making my own products for personal use and in my mid-thirties, I began making them for other people. Is anyone else seeing a “mid-age” pattern here? LOL
Because I’m here once again, in my mid-forties and I have finally found a brand with products that I can completely endorse for their safety and performance. You must understand that I have been searching for years for a brand that I can, in full confidence, refer my clients, friends and family to use. Beautycounter is that brand.

Because of that trust and connection to my core beliefs, it’s only natural that I choose to represent this brand personally by becoming a Beautycounter consultant. It is the best way I see fit to “get safer beauty products into the hands of everyone.” Beautycounter’s motto is “education first, products second” and ya’ll know I can get down with that!!

These days, unless you live in a bubble, it is impossible to protect yourself  from all of the toxins in your environment.

Toxins are everywhere:

–> Food
–> Medicine
–> Supplements
–> Personal care products
–> Beauty and skin care products
–> Atmosphere
–> Home products
–> Furniture
–> Water
–> People/relationships (yes, this counts!)

There is a huge misconception in the industry that it is the dosage that matters when it comes to exposure to toxic chemicals. But this is very wrong. It isn’t just the dosage at all, it’s also the type of chemical, combination of chemicals and your individual sensitivity to chemicals that matters.

The BEST thing you can do for yourself and your family is be aware of what’s out there, be educated about the potential harm you may be exposing yourself to and  control what you can.  In this case, you can control what you use on your skin and hair. I see this is one of the most important practices you can do. Your skin is your largest organ, it is your human suit and without it, you would be a pile of blood, organs and bones. It is necessary that you take care of it.

Clean eating, movement, clarity, awareness, spirituality and low-tox beauty and personal care practices are all essential to living your best life.

Please take some time to make  yourself and your family a priority! Click over to my Beautycounter shop and take a look at all Beautycounter has to offer you.

I want to help you make the change, make your health a priority, practice better beauty and use these safe products! If you have any questions about Beautycounter or the products, please email me at and I will be glad to help.

Your wellness is my mission!

Shine your beauty bright!