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Everyone is always asking me why I chose this path in this industry. There is nobody to compare myself to, nobody doing what I do. I think it seems a bit overwhelming for people to think about it because in acknowledging the reason and the need would mean they would have to change and change is scary.  I get it. 

I’d like to share my story with ya’ll though because ya’ll don’t know me yet and you should. One day, you might need me to help you too.

The thing is that I have always gravitated toward natural remedies, scratch cooking and living in connection to nature. The reason I make such a big deal about it now is because, I almost died. That’s the real, deep, now I have to share this with the world WHY.

I know I can’t just say that and not share the details so here they are.

Many moons ago, when I was in my early 30’s, I unknowingly inhaled a chemical molecule that settled in the crook of my left lung. That molecule grew into a massive infection and then abscessed – all unbeknownst to me because I thought I just had the flu. When the pain in my side became absolutely  unbearable I had my fiancee drive me to the emergency room.

Hours passed as the doctors jacked me up with tubes (I had the IV line that goes straight to the heart) antibiotics and three different, high octane pain medications. Finally a doctor came in to interview me in an effort to find out how I got sick.

I always thought that the first two questions he asked me – do I smoke? do I drink? NOPE! Moving onto health history, no, nothing there.

Then to this question…Doc – “what do you do for a living?” Me -“I clean houses..”

That was the last question. The doctor put both arms in the air, threw the clipboard onto the table and the pen on top of it. Mystery solved…he blamed the chemicals I was using…more specifically a particular brand I was using. Turns out, this doc had some awareness or experienced.

Flash forward maybe 2 days later and they were on the 3rd strain of antibiotic to treat me and not having any success. They scheduled surgery to have chest tubes installed in my tiny body and moved me to ICU. I was in ICU for almost 2 weeks. I was on massive antibiotic cocktails and they were doping me to stay asleep. I don’t remember a lot at this point but I do remember someone coming in and asking me if my “papers” were in order, if I had arrangements for my kids and if anyone had me sign a DNR or not.

I was informed by a very sympathetic nurse that my chances were very slim and that they were doing everything they could….well I’M STILL HERE!

All that rigamarole because I inhaled a chemical molecule that caused an infection.

Since that experience, I am highly sensitive to the struggles of others, recognizing food and other allergies for exactly what they are – allergies developed due to the exposure to chemicals and toxins in the environment, in processed foods and in commercial products.

That is the reason I choose this work. Because it is necessary. Because I have a deep understanding of the need to disconnect from the toxic processed and commercial products and foster a more sustainable lifestyle by reconnecting to the natural practices and medicine abundantly available to us.

BE AWARE of your environment and surroundings. KNOW what you are using – on and putting in your body – whether it be lotion or food. KNOW where your products come from. READ your labels. DEMAND quality and organic. FOLLOW your instincts. LISTEN to your intuition. CONNECT  your home and inner self. TAKE CARE of this ONE LIFE you have and the lives of the little ones you create. TRUST in yourself before you trust anyone else.

~ Jennifer

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