How to Live Low-Tox!

Hey there! I want you to know something – EVERYTHING is connected….

  • The state of your home
  • The food you eat
  • How you handle your money
  • The clutter you create
  • Your level of clean
  • The mindset you live with
  • Your health and wellness
  • All of your relationships
  • How you nourish your body
  • How you feed your soul
  • How you handle your day to day business
  • How you manage your business.
  • How you approach your parenting.

I have made making those connections for years in my own life and now in my business…I think I am pretty darn good at it.  😉

If you choose to work with me, I can help you sort out many things.

  • Identify your values and priorities in life so you can get on with living in alignment with them.
  • Support you through the lifestyle changes necessary to treat a food or environmental allergy.
  • Create a state of motivation and inspiration so you’re able to tackle your personal growth with strength and confidence.
  • Give you the tools to conquer the changes that need to take place in your home whether it be clutter, cleanliness, organization, meal planning & prep and healthy eating.
  • Teach you the importance of self care and how to implement that into daily life in ways you may not have thought of before.
  • Guide you through the process of setting boundaries with family, children, friends and partners. *I specialize in working with boundaries with children as I have raised 2 of them myself.
  • Empower you to demand the best for yourself, from yourself and from others.
  • Educate you on practical holistic practices including how to remove and replace the toxic products you use regularly with natural and efficient alternatives.
  • Build you up to a level where you are experiencing balance and feeling moments of inner peace in your life leaving room for you to follow your dreams, your soul’s work or even just sit and read a book in peace and quiet whenever you want.
  • Lead you to a state of balance between your work, small business or side hustle and your home/family life so that you can be organized and fulfilled at home while you SUCCEED in your business.
  • Teach you the tools to be a mindful parent and empower you to make the tough decisions that come up as you raise your children.

When anything in your life is out of balance and unhealthy, it can become toxic to your health. Control what you can so that the toxins you can’t control won’t have such a dire effect on you.

I am a HEART DRIVEN BUSINESS OWNER and the health and well-being of my clients come first. I am a BADASS because I know my stuff! I’m enlightened because I have been to the depths of my own being, the good and the bad and I have evolved into a teacher on mission to lift others into the joy of living a true holistic and low-tox life. My approach is not only very intuitive, it’s also practical, straight forward and sustainable.

Please inquire about these services directly by emailing me at and I look forward to hearing from you!

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