The Story Behind the BEE

Let me tell you about my BEE….I’ve always loved bees.

My bee is very special to me but I didn’t know how special it really was until one day epiphany struck me and it all came together.

When I was in my early twenties, my nickname was “Wild Honey”, I even had a decal made that I put on my back windshield so the whole world would know that I was the Wild Honey.  Don’t ask me where I got the name but don’t get too carried away either with your speculations. LOL

Moving forward into my mid-twenties, I opened my crafting business and named it Wild Honey Unlimited. It remains my parent company still to this day.

I’ve always resonated with the bees and honey, naturally the honey because it is such a healing food. When I’m in the garden, the bees don’t bother me, they land on me and you will frequently see me chatting with them or arguing with them over who the flowers belong to because I know they don’t like harvest time. You can say I have quite the meaningful relationship with them, I’ll probably end up turning into the crazy bee lady when I’m old and wrinkled.

When it comes time to move from this home, the next home will definitely be determined based on it’s capacity to house a small apiary of my own. #priorities

I’ve chosen the bee as a logo for Enlightened Holistic Living because bees represent enlightenment, wisdom, healthy environment, holistic sustainability and the feminine divine. All values I hold dear, as you all well know. The puzzle pieces are all in place and I am so empowered in this space with the bee that has been right under my nose all along.

In all of my years in business, I never had a logo that truly represented me until now. And that is all.

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