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The spiritual path is not an easy one. It requires undoing aspects of ourselves and setting aside limitations to embrace and live in all that we are capable of.

Buddha said, “the way is not in the sky, the way is in the heart”.  It’s a belief that I have held true for more than 30 years.  In February of 2017, I was called to share my beliefs and to help others find the path to their highest self – their Soul-Self. This course is the result of my experience helping countless women find their soul-selves and my own personal growth over the last 25 years.

Now I ask you…

Do you simply feel like something is missing from your life?

Are you being called to have a deeper connection with your soul and spirituality?

Do you feel like you are being pulled in a different direction in life and you’re not sure why or where to begin?

Is waking up in the morning becoming more difficult because you lack proper self-care and fulfillment in life?

Are you working in the health and wellness industry and looking to learn how to serve your clients and yourself better?

If you want to:

>> Clear out toxins preventing you from finding the divine within yourself.

>> Stop your ego and emotions from hijacking your life.

>> Step into your full power as a woman and divine being.

>> Recognize and overcome your fears.

>> Live in your LIGHT, TRUTH, PEACE and BLISS.

>> Strengthen your intuition and learn to let it guide you in both life and business.

>> Nurture your body, mind and soul in the best, most sustainable way possible.

>> Shed negative energy, bad luck and extra weight holding you back from your highest potential.

>> Master your shadow side and use it to work for you in life.

>> Be present and mindful with integrity and love every single day.

>> Conduct your own energy to heal your thoughts and your body.

>> Actualize your soul-self; bringing meaning and magic into your life every day.


This course will guide you to connecting on an indescribably deep level with your highest self – your Soul-Self.  It will teach you how determine when you are working from ego or soul, how to live as an energetic being having a human experience and how to live in alignment with your body, mind, soul and environment.  Most importantly, it will put you on a path to finding your purpose in life and experiencing the highest forms of love and bliss.

Let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull of that which you truly love.

The spiritual path is not an easy one. It requires undoing aspects of ourselves and setting aside limitations to embrace and live in all that we are capable of. The Divine is worshiped by all names and traditions but the receiver of the worship is the same.

You will not be connecting with the Divine of any specific tradition, you will be connecting to the aspects of the Divine within yourself. You are going to pray at the temple of your own church, where you are the minister of your own Soul.

How do you have a personal relationship with the Divine? You follow the steps to finding and actualizing your Soul-Self. You embrace every aspect of your life and what makes you YOU – shadow and light, darkness and love, ego and soul, journey and purpose, peace and chaos…it all matters.

Let me be the one who leads you into your darkness and teaches you to love yourself with the highest compassion.
Let me be the one who guides you into your light, after you’ve released yourself from shadow.
This is what I have been called to do. This is my purpose.

“Jennifer has lead me through a few of her courses and is a truly gifted intuitive. ”
– Ariela Sarah, Hamsa Interiors LLC

Jennifer’s Soul-Self Boot Camp was right on time. In fact all of Jennifer’s wisdom, insight and support are. I truly do think of her as a modern day guru, who has gently nudged and lovingly pushed me along to reveal my higher self. The lessons in this program are so very powerful. I immediately noticed shifts in myself, my life and overall perspective in how I deal day to day. The biggest takeaway from this journey has been re-learning empowerment and noticing how my poor habits and ego have been hi-jacking my success and happiness. Jennifer is a one of a kind, all inclusive package. She pushes you when you need it, relays truth on the regular but holds you in a way that feels like home. There’s really no better person to have on your team when your going through serious change, transformation and all the emotions in between. I’m extremely grateful for Jennifer and this experience!
-Lisa Laura, Logically Lifted LLC

After Jennifer’s guidance I allowed myself to take a back seat and just observe what was and is happening not only to me but through me. As it always happens, everything falls into place when and how it’s supposed to. This has been a forever lesson for me. I had to learn (and continually learning) how to just chill and let certain thoughts patterns and behaviors go. Let the soul self and the magic of the shift continue to guide us without our Kung fu grip getting in the way of how amazing we all are.
-Alexis Murphy, Skin from Within LLC


In the interest of providing everyone with the highest level of service and best opportunity for success and nurturing, I will be accepting a limited number of women for each 9-week boot camp.

Here is the course breakdown: 

Module One:  Identity
Module Two: Shadow
Module Three: Soul-Self

>> Each module is presented in an E-book format with powersheets included and links to free digital mp3 and mp4 downloads of guided meditations and mini-workshops.

>> We will spend three weeks on each module, giving you plenty of time to do the work and receive any help you might need from me.

>> You will be invited to a private Facebook group where you will have access to extra content, group events and most importantly, the support of others in an intimate setting.

>> I will be available for THREE, 45-minute coaching calls during the course that I will schedule with you at the beginning of the course.

>> You will have access to me through the private Facebook community and  email…ask me as many questions you need to. I respond to my emails every morning and I am present in the group several times throughout the day.

The next boot camp begins January 27th, don’t delay. Take a leap of faith in yourself and invest in the future of your Soul-Self. ♥


I can’t wait to take this journey with you. #changeyourselfchangethousands

NEED TO KNOW MORE? Email me at ! I will gladly answer any questions about course content and enrollment.




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